Ongoing & Recent Projects

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Dead [Women] Poets Society

Dead [Women] Poets Society resurrects neglected women poets of the past. ​

We work with brilliant living women and non-binary writers up and down the UK, to commune with women poets of the past. Book a ticket to a séance, read poems inspired by Dead Women Poetslisten in to ghoulish audio and get involved. If you have a project you think we could be involved in, or would like to host us for one of our regular events, send us a message.

Illustrations by Lily Arnold.

Untold Stories

Helen wrote a long poem queering Queen Guineviere as part of a series of workshops with English Heritage, The Writing Squad & Barbican Young Poets. Find her poem from page 10 in the anthology and watch the showcase here.

Poetry Business Digital Poet in Residence, February 2021

Helen was Poetry Business's first digital poet in residence. She shared writing prompts inspired by the work of Emily Berry and Luke Kennard; resurrected queer women poets Anna Wickham, Natalie Clifford Barney and June Jordan; wrote a cento from Poetry Business readers' lines; and wrote about three books by Will Harris, Danez Smith and Nina Mingya Powles which she'd read during the pandemic.