Events & workshops

Helen has performed at Southbank Centre’s London Literature Festival, the London Library LitFest, Durham Book Festival, Brainchild Festival, Gloucester Poetry Festival, Winchester Poetry Festival, WayWORD Festival, Poetics of Home Festival, Verve Poetry Festival, MAST Studios Southampton, Hackney Chinese Community Centre, the Hippodrome (Birmingham); and hosted Dead [Women] Poets Society events at The Forum (Norwich), the National Poetry Library (London) and The Poetry Café (London). She has run workshops for The Poetry Society, The Writing Squad, Spread the Word, Creative Future, Poetry Translation Centre and Poets for the Planet and can tailor workshops to a range of themes and age groups. You can find some of the resources she's created for young poets as The Poetry Society's Education Officer here.

In June and July 2021, she wrote on-the-spot portraits of visitors to RBG Kew Gardens as plants as part of their Secret World of Plants After Hours festival. Read some of the portraits here.

Helen has five years of experience editing poetry and prose as Young Poets Network editor at The Poetry Society and offers a paid written/Zoom feedback service on work. Get in touch for more information and find upcoming events and workshops below.

Upcoming events & workshops

8 September: Bad Betty Live, Hoxton

13 September: Bones and Identities in the World - Covent Garden Stanza reading

23 October: Poetry London Autumn 2022 readings at London Literature Festival, Southbank Centre, London

9 November: Bad Betty Press showcase, National Centre for Writing, Norwich

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Photo: Suzi Corker for Spread the Word