‘The Translator’ and ‘A Woman Who Cuts Her Hair’, Under the Radar (forthcoming, 2021)

'witchknot', Untold Stories Digital Anthology (English Heritage, 2021)

'You try to tidy your room one Saturday' in We Have Never Seen Something Like This (Roundhouse Poetry Collective anthology, 2021)

‘Together We’ll Meet In Down-Facing Dog’ - commended, Mslexia Poetry Competition 2020

'Bear', 'The Bojo No-Show' & 'Touch Heart/Dim Sum' - The London Library Emerging Writers Programme Anthology (2021)

'Lobster' - bath magg (issue 3, 2020)

‘Barman in Lockdown’, Poetry Birmingham (issue 5, 2020)

'Yung Shue Wan Pier' - The Willowherb Review (issue 3, 2020)

'Barman in Eden' - Tomorrow (Bronze winner, Creative Future Writers' Award 2020)

'Central Pier 4' - harana poetry (issue 4, 2020)

‘Ode to the clump of dust in my bedroom’ - A Diary of Windows & Small Things (2020)

'Germinations', after Natalie Linh Bolderston - Stay Home Diary (bitter melon, 2020)

Several poems responding to the day's Brexit headlines - 31 Nights in Europe (Minute Books, January 2020)

‘Bear’ in Ambit (issue 239, 2020)

‘Sampan’ in The Fenland Reed (issue 8, 2019)

‘Touch Heart / Dim Sum’ in Strix (issue 4, 2018)

'Coming from the Mill' - Manchester Review (2017)

'Note from Orchestra' - The Missing Slate poem of the week (2017)



Origins of the Fire Emoji: Focus on Dead [Women] Poets, Modern Poetry in Translation (Autumn 2020)

The Poetry Society's Young Poets Network (editor since 2017)

The Cadaverine (2016-18)