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Plant Portraits

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Me at my desk in Kew typing away at my typewriter
Photo: Will Firth

I write this having just completed my first weekend writing 'plant portraits' at Kew Gardens' Secret World of Plants After Hours - and what a joy it was! I've loved chatting to people and deciding together what plant they would be and why. I've already heard lots of great love stories, and sister stories, and friendship stories, and one beautifully told tale of a summer in south France travelling through villages, picking warm peaches and drinking wine... I'm looking forward to the next few weekends of doing the same. You can still book a ticket to the gig here - it runs till 23 July.

I'm going to update this page every week with poems that I've written, with apologies for typos. I am sorry not to be able to offer alt text for all of them right now but I hope to go through them and add this in at a later date, so please do check back again in future if you need that!

25 - 26 June 2021

2 July 2021

16 & 17 July 2021

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