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The London Library Lit Fest

Updated: May 10, 2021

I'm excited to be reading at this year's Lit Fest celebrating 180 years of the London Library and libraries generally! I *love* libraries and the London Library is gorgeous so this will be a pure delight.

I'm reading on Sunday 2 May, alongside v. talented poet Isabelle Baafi, as well as novelists Amber Medland and L M Dillsworth, short story writer Deborah Torr, playwright Carmina Bernhardt and hosted by author, comedy screenwriter and London Library Ambassador John O’Farrell! All except John are from my cohort of the London Library Emerging Writers programme, which we completed in 2018/19 back when things were normal. We're promoting our anthology From the Silence of the Stacks, New Voices Rise. Book here for £5 and check out the other events at the Lit Fest including Malika's Poetry Kitchen!

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