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Updated: Mar 18, 2021

I can't believe I'm allowed to make a website this pink. What joy.

This is just to say hello - if you've not gathered already, I'm Helen and I'm a writer/editor/producer who's always on the look-out for interesting projects. Right now I'm finishing up a pamphlet about a character called the barman, working on some poems queering Arthurian legend, and thinking about a play about theoretical physics. If you'd like to work on something together let me know.

I'm also a decent editor, and have spent the last four years supporting The Poetry Society's young poets to grow, so if you'd like any feedback on your poems get in touch for my new and shiny paid feedback service.

If you like my work, you'll love...

Hot off the press are my three blogs, four centos and one collaborative poem as digital Poet in Residence at Poetry Business. Find 'em here. I was also commended in the Mslexia Women's Poetry Competition this month with a barman poem about Yoga with Adriene. Thank you, Adriene (and Karen McCarthy Woolf).

I'm reading at the Roundhouse Poetry Collective Showcase on Tuesday 30 March which I can't wait for.

On Sunday 11 April, I'm hosting the next Dead [Women] Poets Society online séance, where brilliant Momtaza Mehri and Hannah Hodgson will commune with the spirits of Afro-German poet and activist May Ayim and legend of the North East Julia Darling. This event was meant to be in Newcastle, so if you're in the North East you're extra welcome. Get your tickets here - they are free/£1/£5.

I'm also running a free online workshop with Spread the Word called Nature Writing Without the Gannets on Tuesday 11 May. We'll be looking at some of my favourite poets - Danez Smith, Nina Mingya Powles and Gbyoega Odubanjo - to write about nature in a way that feels a little less distant than descriptions of rolling hills sometimes do. Book here!

That's it for now.

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